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We asked people to imagine a better Victoria, and they did.

Vision Themes



The Envision Victoria 2035 initiative highlighted that residents wanted a clear and distinct identity for their city. An identity that is disseminated citywide helps to foster citizen pride as residents are then able to clearly describe their town’s “vibe” to friends, family, and visitors. Further, establishing a city’s identity provides not only a branding opportunity for economic development purposes but also a touchstone for community growth as residents begin to exemplify and reinforce their city’s identity in their day-to-day interactions and lifestyles.

In Victoria, residents embrace and celebrate the city’s “small town” charm. This characteristic manifests itself through the friendliness and neighborly attitude of the local population.

With this small town charm at the core of 
Victoria’s identity, other qualities such as history and diversity complete the picture. Victoria plays an integral role in Texas history, and the richness of this historic prominence adds tremendous value. Victorians also recognize the worth of their cultural diversity and the unique opportunity to find connection with their neighbors, removing racial and ethnic barriers and finding resilience and respect in diversity.

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Residents participating in the Envision Victoria 2035 initiative recognized the need for a diversified economy that is able to collaborate regionally and compete globally. A local economy that is built on many different industries is able to weather boom and bust cycles, ensuring economic sustainability and fiscal solvency in the long term.

Given its history in the petrochemical industry, Victoria has been able to take advantage of the recent oil boom and is now poised to grow other industries and sectors. Over the next 20 years, residents will seek to explore collaborative opportunities throughout the region. These opportunities may include advancing small businesses and supporting local enterprises.

As Victoria looks to expand its local economy, workforce training and development will become increasingly important. Currently, Victoria has a strong underpinning of adult education opportunities and post-secondary institutions. Educational achievement efforts will be underscored and amplified as residents and leaders continue to promote their identified, target industries.

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Education.pngResidents came to a consensus on the importance and value of educational advancement through the Envision Victoria 2035 visioning process. Education enhancement is consistently a fulcrum for community change as its impacts pave the way for an individual’s long term financial independence and upward mobility. A quality education provides lasting community benefits that reach well beyond graduation.

While residents took a broad stance on education, specific areas of educational attainment came to light as focal points over the next 20 years, with the intent being that positive ripple effects will be felt throughout the spectrum of learning opportunities.

In an attempt to improve workforce development and post-secondary educational attainment, Victoria residents look to identify and remove barriers to educational advancement and promote those programs that are reaping community benefit, including those geared towards vocational training. This focus correlates with economic development outcomes that residents are also seeking through Victoria 2035. Further, residents and stakeholders continue to improve lifelong learning opportunities so that everyone, regardless of age, feels empowered with access to knowledge.

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Entertainment.pngThrough the Envision Victoria 2035 initiative, residents recognized that as Victoria grows, the population will become more diverse across ages, races, ethnicities, and lifestyles. In an effort to attract more people to Victoria and retain existing residents, entertainment options will diversify and grow over the next 20 years.

Increasing the quality of life for young professionals includes fostering an environment that provides unique retail amenities, night spots, and recreation experiences. Attracting and retaining young professionals is also a critical component to developing a broad workforce and ensuring a sustainable future for the city.

Family-friendly activities will also be an area of focus over the next 20 years. Activities suitable for families include recreational programming, entertainment venues and parks for children, and city-sponsored events. Activities such as these help cultivate a sense of community and provide an opportunity to strengthen the parent-child connection, which can have far-reaching positive impacts.

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natural environment

Natural-Environment.pngThrough the Victoria Envision 2035 initiative, residents expressed pride in their park system and open spaces. Riverfronts and park systems are the public spaces where all residents have the opportunity to interact with their natural environment. Endeavors made to ensure a city has clean air, clean water, and clean land are reinforced when residents come into contact with their natural environment.

Victorians appreciate their park system and open spaces, particularly Riverside Park. In response to the Victoria 2035 initiative, residents would like to see these places maintained more regularly and designed and programmed to add community value.

Bridging the link between natural resources and the natural environment, residents will increase their efforts at environmental stewardship over the next 20 years as they focus on the quality and conservation of their air, water, and land.

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growth management

Growth-Management.pngThrough the Envision Victoria 2035 process, residents had the opportunity to reflect on the growth that the city has been experiencing and will continue to experience. As the population grows, there will be an increased need for various housing options as well as transportation options. Population growth also increases the use of a city’s already aging infrastructure.

Affordable housing options are necessary not only to ensure that people of all incomes have somewhere safe and comfortable to live but also to support the city’s economic development priorities - attracting and retaining young professionals and ensuring that a growing workforce stays and plays in Victoria.

An efficient and safe roadway system and transportation network are crucial as new residents and visitors commute to and from work, school, and daily services. Victorians identified the need to complement automobile travel with other modes such as transit, bicycle, and pedestrian, and these modes will require infrastructure considerations as well. Most importantly, this growth needs to be managed well so that Victoria’s identity and small town charm are not compromised.

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